Robert SutzRobert Sutz Advantages of Using a Project Leadership System

10/16/2008 by Robert Sutz

The articles Efficient and Targeted Project Execution describe how project leadership systems support project and portfolio managers. The following list summarizes the advantages of the use of a Project Leadership System.

  • Modern project leadership systems provide fast and efficient access to all leadership information for the leadership team – from project manager to steering committee.
  • All leadership information is merged into one system, making the project leadership system the central source for leadership information for all project team members.
  • The project leadership system maximizes the transparency of project leadership across all activities, times and open issues. Particularly, this lays open repeated inefficiencies. Transparency is also important when project leaders change; for handover it saves time and money.
  • Standardized, tool-supported and tool-enforced processes improve the attention of all people involved in and responsible for leadership and simplify the leadership task of driving execution.
  • Intelligent interfaces allow relevant leadership data (e.g. master plans from MS Project or Open Workbench) to be imported into the leadership system.
  • By using the possibility to connect leadership information and to define causal relationships, significant leadership scenarios or parameters can be traced back to the sources – a perfect instrument for modern risk management and internal control system.
  • Formalized, documented and precise sources in the leadership system, make statements more reliable and secure. Project leaders are able to make precise statements referring to possible requests.
  • All information is immediately indexed and permanently recorded. Redundancy is avoided.

About the author:
Robert Sutz is CEO of TimeWinner AG in Wallisellen, Switzerland. TimeWinner develops and sells Internet-based  Leadership System TimeWinner.

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