Marco GerussiMarco Gerussi PPM – Gartner Causes Confusion

11/16/2007 by Marco Gerussi

Stimulated by HP’s limiting use of “Portfolio Management” in the new name of its powerful IT Governance solution HP PPM, we already covered the often misinterpreted and ambiguous use […] Continue Reading…

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Marco GerussiMarco Gerussi Project Portfolio – Hype and More

11/15/2007 by Marco Gerussi

After the acquisition of Mercury HP has changed the product name of Mercury ITG to HP Project Portfolio Management Center, HP PPM. Dieter Steiger criticized this new naming already […] Continue Reading…

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Dieter SteigerDieter Steiger Lifecycle Management – HP BTO Makes It Happen

11/12/2007 by Dieter Steiger

This article shows how Application Lifecycle Management can be implemented for large SAP installations. A description of the respective software components can be found on HP’s BTO website.


Marco GerussiMarco Gerussi ERP4IT – the Vision Found its Way into Wikipedia

11/08/2007 by Marco Gerussi

Enterprise Resource Planning for Information Technology (ERP for IT, ERP4IT) describes the automation of information technology (IT). Therefore ERP4IT focuses on the automated IT itself and not on the […] Continue Reading…

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Dieter SteigerDieter Steiger SAP Template Distribution – a One Way Street?

11/08/2007 by Dieter Steiger

Inconsistent customization settings – a typical issue of decentral SAP systems
Large SAP installations with multiple decentral system landscapes struggle to keep SAP customization settings consistent across the company. Conventional […] Continue Reading…

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