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Ruben MeierRuben Meier Integrating Jira and HP Quality Center

01/21/2009 by Ruben Meier

Testing departments use HP Quality Center (QC) for quality management and testing activities. Besides managing test requirements, it also helps them to compile test plans, and to conduct and monitor testing. In addition, Quality Center gives them a way to manage all defect tracking.

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Michael LoebbertMichael Loebbert Hungry for Change

08/19/2008 by Michael Loebbert

How hungry are you for change? – Clearly, ‘change’ is in itself not a serious management approach. Without content and its implementation change remains an empty talk. Successful executives connect therefore contentful imagination with execution. In the recent study “Enterprise of the Future” by IBM ( executive officers, selected all over the world, tell about theirs imaginations of the company in the future.

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Michael LoebbertMichael Loebbert A Strategy is a Story

07/02/2008 by Michael Loebbert

As a reminder of what a strategy is and what it should provide:

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