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Christoph LangenbahnChristoph Langenbahn Project Portfolio Management: CA Clarity PPM or HP PPM?

04/23/2009 by Christoph Langenbahn

Based upon our experiences with projects using various PPM tools, we took the liberty of comparing two project portfolio management heavyweights, namely CA Clarity PPM v12 and HP PPM Center 7.5.

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Robert SutzRobert Sutz Three Phases for Project Leadership Success

10/17/2008 by Robert Sutz

The article Efficient and Targeted Project Execution describes how on time and on budget execution and successful completion of complex projects can be realized. It requires clearly defined leadership process covering all people involved supported by software-based leadership systems.

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Robert SutzRobert Sutz Advantages of Using a Project Leadership System

10/16/2008 by Robert Sutz

The articles Efficient and Targeted Project Execution describe how project leadership systems support project and portfolio managers. The following list summarizes the advantages of the use of a Project Leadership System.

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Robert SutzRobert Sutz Efficient and Targeted Project Execution (Part 2)

10/07/2008 by Robert Sutz

To support project and portfolio managers in their daily management of project execution work, Leadership Systems are used more and more frequently. Modern Project Leadership Systems offer predefined project execution processes which support the activities and decisions of the leadership team. In addition, they allow all relevant information (requests, decisions, risks, provisions, changes) to be centrally stored, contextually interrelated and preprocessed to support information needs of different steakholders.

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Robert SutzRobert Sutz Efficient and Targeted Project Execution (Part 1)

10/06/2008 by Robert Sutz

In order to meet time and budget requirements in complex projects and to accomplish projects successfully, clear leadership is required involving all project team members. At this point, software and Internet-based leadership systems are a great support.

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Michael LoebbertMichael Loebbert The Culture Imperative of Leadership

10/02/2008 by Michael Loebbert

We rely in the majority of decisions and actions on the cultural patterns of organizations, in which we live. Most of these patterns and values with which we steer ourselves are unconscious. Only rarely we object to them. Some individual patterns are actively learned by training or by serious “injuries”. Think about how you drive a car: You coordinate hand, foot and eye, adhere to the rules and respect the rights of other road users. Brain researchers describe this with the training of our synapses. “What has proved working and repeatedly gone through or what is equipped with high energy, engraves our actions and behavior.”

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Marcel MorfMarcel Morf Integrating HP PPM with HP Quality Center – As Simple as It Looks?

09/30/2008 by Marcel Morf

Very often, the processes of change & transport and quality management in the IT organzation are technically not very tightly integrated. Although organizationally, they are well coordinated, with both processes being clearly defined, digitized, automated and constantly improved, I doubt if their integration is tight enough.

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Michael LoebbertMichael Loebbert A Question of Culture

09/22/2008 by Michael Loebbert

Perhaps you know the history of the PT Cruiser. Sure, you have seen this car on the street, the look is retro, fuel consumption is too high, technology and security are average. When Daimler joined in the responsibility for Daimler Chrysler, the PT Cruiser was just launched and taken for a flop. The production was driven down and banned into a small factory in Mexico. But it came different. The demand could no longer be served and customers were dissatisfied. – Today the PT Cruiser is a sales success.

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Marco GerussiMarco Gerussi ITIL, PRINCE2, PMI – Just Paper Tigers?

09/01/2008 by Marco Gerussi

Historically developed IT structure
Within their IT organizations, enterprises historically distinguish between project business, IT operations and IT development. In addition to these separate areas, there are several processes and systems for project requests, notification of incidents and problem management.

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Michael LoebbertMichael Loebbert Hungry for Change

08/19/2008 by Michael Loebbert

How hungry are you for change? – Clearly, ‘change’ is in itself not a serious management approach. Without content and its implementation change remains an empty talk. Successful executives connect therefore contentful imagination with execution. In the recent study “Enterprise of the Future” by IBM ( executive officers, selected all over the world, tell about theirs imaginations of the company in the future.

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