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Andreas ScheggAndreas Schegg Can a Classic CMDB Cope With Business Service Management?

08/07/2008 by Andreas Schegg

Today´s IT in its role as service provider for the enterprise requires an immediate rethinking with regard to resources and configurations data management.

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Peter HelfensteinPeter Helfenstein HP BTO Software Centers – Overview

07/24/2008 by Peter Helfenstein

HP offers a number of BTO Centers. These software packages support in the context of a BTO strategy specific phases of the application lifecycle. The following overview is meant to shed light on the HP BTO jungle.

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Fritz MosonyiFritz Mosonyi Software Archeology – how to Successfully Change SAP Releases

06/30/2008 by Fritz Mosonyi

16th century. The eyes of an archeologist are scanning a field. He is asking himself where he should start digging. In his life, he still has a few years left. Which area would, from his experience, hold a chance for him to make a discovery? Then he notices a tree. For growing, it would need nutrients, so underneath there might be something. This is what he knows from experience.

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Dieter SteigerDieter Steiger Configuration Management for SAP Customizing?

06/27/2008 by Dieter Steiger

A comprehensive configuration management is the most important basis of SAP Change and Transport Management. For ABAP code, this is accepted as general practice and supported by suitable tools. But how about configuration management for SAP customizing?

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Dieter SteigerDieter Steiger Proactive Impact Management – the basis for BTO

06/25/2008 by Dieter Steiger

Business Technology Optimization as a Challenge
Business Technology Optimization (BTO) targets at a closer collaboration of IT and business – nothing really new, just a daily challenge to the CIO. To support SAP IT organizations in reaching this target, beteo has designed the beteo Impact Hourglass.

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Dieter SteigerDieter Steiger Lifecycle Management – no Pain, no Gain!

06/24/2008 by Dieter Steiger

Successful IT Planning & Control must include not only IT Service Management and Project & Portfolio Management, but also Application Lifecycle Management in order to be of lasting benefit. The following illustration by Gartner clearly demonstrates this.

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Markus von der HeidenMarkus von der Heiden The Cycle Above the Development Cycle

06/19/2008 by Markus von der Heiden

Nowadays, software is used in virtually all enterprises. Software is continuously extended, changed or deactivated – as a result of changing business requirements, enhanced functionality of commercial software releases, or subsequent to bug-fixing. Over the years, typical phases, methods and techniques of the development cycle have established: project portfolio management techniques, software development methods and techniques, models for carrying out projects, IT service management and quality requirements.

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Dieter SteigerDieter Steiger Lifecycle Management – HP BTO Makes It Happen

11/12/2007 by Dieter Steiger

This article shows how Application Lifecycle Management can be implemented for large SAP installations. A description of the respective software components can be found on HP’s BTO website.

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