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Nicolaj AmmannNicolaj Ammann Poker – Change Management’s Fruit Fly

08/12/2008 by Nicolaj Ammann

As many others amongst my friends, I am addicted to poker. When I say poker, I am referring to the omnipresent Texas Hold´em Poker, and not to one of the Draw Poker versions that to my opinion rank among the games of pure chance.

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Nicolaj AmmannNicolaj Ammann Lifecycle Management – a Nightmare?

06/23/2008 by Nicolaj Ammann

Andrea User and Daniel Eveloper both work in the same enterprise. When they meet in the cafeteria, the say hello. That has been all, so far. Today, they will both attend the same meeting. They still don´t know that this will have an impact on their lives.

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Nicolaj AmmannNicolaj Ammann SAP Search Guide

11/22/2007 by Nicolaj Ammann

Searching the right information in the SAP information jungle can be quite time consuming. This guide is  intended to help to SAP professionals to quickly find answers to typical questions on the internet. For each proposed search starting point prerequisites as well as an estimate for the time needed to find the solution are listed.This list for sure does not claim to be complete, so it does not reflect information needs specific to versions of SAP. 

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