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Fritz MosonyiFritz Mosonyi SAP Upgrade Analysis – Procedures and Results

11/25/2008 by Fritz Mosonyi

In reply to numerous inquiries, I would like to take the opportunity to describe, in greater detail, the SAP Upgrade analysis using IntelliCorp LiveCompare.

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Fritz MosonyiFritz Mosonyi SAP Usage Analysis with IntelliCorp LiveCompare

10/24/2008 by Fritz Mosonyi

Which processes run in a SAP system? What components are used most frequently? Which custom programs are used? How is usage distributed in departments or in the enterprise? Which outside systems have access to the system?

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Fritz MosonyiFritz Mosonyi Software Archeology – how to Successfully Change SAP Releases

06/30/2008 by Fritz Mosonyi

16th century. The eyes of an archeologist are scanning a field. He is asking himself where he should start digging. In his life, he still has a few years left. Which area would, from his experience, hold a chance for him to make a discovery? Then he notices a tree. For growing, it would need nutrients, so underneath there might be something. This is what he knows from experience.

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Fritz MosonyiFritz Mosonyi Put your mind at ease even when SAP support packs roll out

04/01/2008 by Fritz Mosonyi

Typical Situation
Installing SAP support packs is always quite a challenge. Which parts of the SAP-supported business processes are really affected? What exactly should be tested? Are there any own developments affected? What is the amount of resources required for testing and interventions? These are just some of the possible questions. Unfortunately, they normally can not even be answered so that in practice, the only secure option is “to test everything”. The effort involved in that, however, would be simply impracticable.

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