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Dieter SteigerDieter Steiger SAP Enhancement Packages not a “Panacea” after All

02/23/2009 by Dieter Steiger

The new concept of the Enhancement Packages (EhPs) from SAP is ingenious from a technical perspective. It’s actually too bad that SAP, the supplier par excellence for business software, has taken so long to create this software logistics concept. Based on the time and effort they’ve put in, any SAP CIO can tell you what this gap in the framework has cost customers. Yet it’s not quite as cut and dried as suggested in the Inside IT article entitled “No More Tedious Upgrades” dated February 4, 2009. The way Roche’s CIO Jennifer Allerton is quoted, one might be led to believe that specialists are no longer need for upgrades. Allerton explained to the Wall Street Journal that Roche had completed four complete upgrades in the last year, which required a team of 15 specialists. She believed that the new Business Suite would enable the company to avoid having to carry out upgrades. And this is a deadly fallacy.

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Michael LoebbertMichael Loebbert Cultural patterns and corporate success

02/04/2009 by Michael Loebbert

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