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10/24/2008 by Fritz Mosonyi

Which processes run in a SAP system? What components are used most frequently? Which custom programs are used? How is usage distributed in departments or in the enterprise? Which outside systems have access to the system?

These are only some of the questions asked by IT managers every day. They arise from different requirements.

For example, there is the requirement to distribute system costs to the user departments based on usage. Particularly, if legally separate business areas share a SAP client, this can be a challenge.

Another task is the preparation of lifecycle events such as SAP upgrades, SAP roll-outs, installation of SAP support packages, SAP consolidations, SAP system optimizations or the isolation of selected clients or accounting areas. In these cases, it is important to know which processes are concerned, which custom developed code is needed or no longer needed. A major German client in the manufacturing industry confirms the importance of such tasks “Analysis will be the central part of our upcoming China project“.

The scenarios described above are only part of the range of possible questions to which IntelliCorp LiveCompare provides answers. Usage data is handled with utmost care and is consolidated when issued in reports. This consolidation can selectively be based on enterprise affiliation or department or any other criteria. This is one example of the consistent use of LiveCompare.

The mentioned manufacturing client above now retrieves consistently his usage statistics per country and per department. A cron-job is used for a controlled generation of the statistics.

About the author: Fritz Mosonyi is senior consultant and division manager for SAP tools at beteo partner SPP Wien.

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