Marcel MorfMarcel Morf Integrating HP PPM with HP Quality Center – As Simple as It Looks?

09/30/2008 by Marcel Morf

Very often, the processes of change & transport and quality management in the IT organzation are technically not very tightly integrated. Although organizationally, they are well coordinated, with both processes being clearly defined, digitized, automated and constantly improved, I doubt if their integration is tight enough.

Integration von Change Management und Quality Management

HP Software, a significant vendor not only of the process engine for change and transport management HP PPM, but also of HP Quality Center as the leading test management solution, provides a basis for an integrated solution. I was asked to carry this over into practice – an exciting as well as seemingly simple task.

The first step was to technically join both environments together and logically merge them into one platform.

The Search

Well, searching for information in the Internet was not very fruitful or, to be exact: there is none. So I was forced to utilize my good connections to HP to get holf of the documents I needed. Thanks to the competent people I addressed, it was a success.

Compatibility with versions

An overview of the compatibility of versions was particularly important and helpful. Our PPM versions required that we used the PPM extension Application Change Lifecycle (ACL 2.0) for the intergration with QC. The newer tool Managing Application Change Tool (MAC) does not yet work with our customer´s version.

Integration guide

The procedure of integrating PPM and QC is documented in the Integration Guide of HP and described step by step. So it was my job to work out the 200 pages of this guide one page after another.


Applying the technical procedure to our actual environment and system landscape was a challenge, particularly with regard to the mappings. The intergrated standard workflows and interface definitions may be a good basis for implementation. But to meet all requirements, the mappings of data, stati, and processes must be elaborated. Careful attention must be paid to the change of stati in the workflow in order to avoid uncontrolled process steps.

What next?

So far, I have made a huge step towards the integration aimed for. But I am sure there will be more problems to be sorted out. In due time, I will report on my experience with the ongoing implementation. Comments and further hints from fellow sufferers or sympathizers are welcome.

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4 Responses

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    Martha Dempsey:

    I am interested in reviewing any information on the success of integrating HP PPM and HP Quality Center ongoing implementation. What specific steps were taken and were there any other application tools integrated in this effort?


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    Dieter Steiger:

    we have done several successful integrations linking HP PPMC to QC over the past years. Basically what you can do is synchronize defects and requirements in QC with defect and requirement/change requests in PPMC, respectively. We have found that defect synchronisation often makes more business sense than synchronizing requirements – but this depends entirely on your setup and processes.
    From a simple technical point of view, you can use the standard integration delivered by HP and you normally would not need any other applications or tools.

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    Markus von der Heiden:

    Hi Martha,

    it a good starting point to evaluate if your QC view is application centric or project centric. the hazzle is, that HP ALM even in the last version does’nt support 1:n entity relationship. so one request type can be mapped to one project. this approach is based on HP’s best practices to view the Quality Center szenarios from a application driven approach. If you have a project centric approach there’s a tool called HP ConnectIT that even makes it easier to map all necessary elements and entities.

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    Ernie Rosales:

    Hello Everyone,

    We have a project to integrate HP Quality Center into our HP-PPM. I would like to get more information to make our integration as easy as possible.

    Any help and information is appreciated