Marcel MorfMarcel Morf Fresh from SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Panaya 3.2

09/19/2008 by Marcel Morf

At SAP’s TechEd conference, the new releases of Panaya Support Automation 3.2 and Panaya Upgrade Automation 3.2 have been announced.

Panaya 3.2 Overview

Upgrade Automation is the fast and accurate way to control the impact of SAP projects and SAP changes in general. It automatically analyzes SAP systems and changes and provides online services to answer key questions such as:

•    What errors will occur without intervention?
•    How can they be prevented?
•    What exactly needs be tested?
•    What are the most important risks?

Support Automation analyzes functional changes to SAP system before they are released. Using analysis technology based on a unique algoritm, Panaya evaluates changes in the context of the complex interdependencies of SAP systems. For every change, it automatically creates test plans, classifies changes based on risk, and alerts managers and other stakeholders and informs about risks.

Upgraded and new Functions in Release 3.2

Root Cause Analysis (New Feature for Support Automation)
If all of a sudden something is not working well in your production system, your team could spend hours finding the culprit. Or, you could simply launch Panaya’s new Root Cause Analysis for SAP, enter the transaction that is misbehaving, and you’ll immediately see the primary suspects: all the recent changes that have actually impacted this transaction.

Real time impact analysis of code changes (New Feature for Support Automation)
Change any ABAP program, during an upgrade project or during maintenance, and Panaya immediately tells you what is the impact and what must be tested.

Comprehensive Project Plan for SAP Upgrades (New Feature for Upgrade Automation)
This is one of the most powerful features: Now Panaya generates a comprehensive project plan for your upgrade, including sensible defaults for effort and people allocation to tasks. The plan can be exported into Microsoft Project

Completely Redesigned User Interface (Enhanced Feature for Both Products)

Since we added so many new features, they needed a new home.
The application is now logically divided into SAP Upgrade, Impact Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, and Transport History

Code Highlighting (New Feature for Upgrade Automation)
When opening a program source from reports, Panaya will automatically highlight the upgrade problems in your code. For example: In the “Obsolete Functions” report – Click a program name to view its code and Panaya will highlight all the places in the code that use this function.

Transport History (New Feature for Support Automation)
If you need to track changes to your SAP system for compliance, analysis, or other reasons, Panaya keeps the complete transport information.

Usage of User Exits (New Feature for Both Products)
Now it is easy to see all the transactions that are using a user exit using a new “Drill Down” report

Impact Overview Page (Enhanced Feature for Support Automation)
Now the impact overview page displays the custom transactions and all the Batch or Interface transactions. This replaces the previous functionality

Cloned Program Analysis (Enhanced Feature for Upgrade Automation)
An improved algorithm now finds even more cloned programs that were especially difficult to track.

Availability (Both Products)
Since Panaya is software as a service, there’s no need to upgrade any software. The capabilities are available immediately to all customers.


Changes to SAP systems often entail substantial additional expense and undesirable effects for SAP organizations. Reference upgrade projects show that consistent, pragmatic impact analysis in a SAP Change and Transport Management process can reduce efforts by more than 30%. Risk gets massively reduced and surprises after change implementation eliminated. And beteo partner Panaya’s SaaS solutions can be implemented with little effort and with no or limited adjustments to the system.

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