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07/02/2008 by Michael Loebbert

As a reminder of what a strategy is and what it should provide:

  • It organizes and coordinates a variety of acts and decisions of one or more persons to a common goal,
  • it makes this in a deliberate contrast to other perhaps possible approaches, takes a conscious decision and risk.
  • Effectiveness is achieved not only with orientation, concentration and determination, but also by the “surprising” innovative difference in the competition.

If a strategy works, it must be told as a thrilling story. The people involved with the company need to understand the strategy, reproduce it in theirs experiences and realize it in theirs actions.

  1. What decisions have to be made in the overall context and to implement in action? What is the difference before and after? How do I know when I’m the right track?
  2. What are the obstacles, risks, resistors, which must be overcome? What “adventure” must be dealt with? With what result?
  3. What is the key difference to the competitors? What is the pivotal point for success of the strategy? When exactly does the strategy come into reality?
  4. How does the strategy fit to our company, the characters and the temperaments of people, to our values and cultural patterns, which are available for the necessary decisions and actions?
  5. Is the designed suspense conducive and full with power? Is it overstraining or subchallenging for the development of company? Must there something be added?
  6. Is the story, which tells the strategy, in total  coherent and credible? The people involved can they identify? Which adapters still need to be supplemented?

The narrative review of your strategy improves the effectiveness and power. Weaknesses can be found and the risk of miscarriage is reduced. And the strategy is processed for the systematic communication within the company.

About the author:
Dr. Michael Loebbert is Coach and Management Consultant and author of the montly publication “Change Management Short Cut“.

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