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Dieter SteigerDieter Steiger SAP Change and Transport Management – Efficient and Safe

06/12/2008 by Dieter Steiger

In order to handle the various problems resulting from changes to a SAP landscape, it is common use to spend of lot of money on experts rushing to fix them. But there is a better alternative: Focussing on a tool-supported, automated SAP change and transport management environment, including measures to ensure consistency, can eliminate the cause of the failures once and for all. There is a couple of measures to be taken: organizational measures, technical transport validation, and consistency-ensuring measures with horizontal and vertical effects.

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Dieter SteigerDieter Steiger SAP Change Control Reduces Risk and Costs

06/11/2008 by Dieter Steiger

Nothing is more constant than change – this is also true for SAP systems. At least once a week, numerous changes of support or project organizations are moved into system landscapes and more or less automatically transported to production servers. And the more complex the solution landscape is, the higher the risk that something goes wrong.

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Peter HelfensteinPeter Helfenstein beteo SAP Change Control Miniguide

06/11/2008 by Peter Helfenstein

The new SAP Change Control Miniguide below has just been posted on our beteo website. Additions and feedback are welcome!

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Michael LoebbertMichael Loebbert Management as Cultural Work

06/09/2008 by Michael Loebbert

In most management models today, there is a “box” for culture. Management is (also) cultural work. This seems self-evident. Probably too obvious to make a difference in practice. So what are the specific challenges?

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