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05/06/2008 by Michael Loebbert

A fetish is an object, which is adopted to have some sort of magical power.

  • It is said that we live in a time with more changes than ever historically before. Technology and globalization are key words. – But think for example to our European ancestors during the 30 years war: constantly changing dominions, destruction and reconstruction. Or at the time of great discoveries and expeditions. Probably every historical era held his own for the biggest changes.
  • Companies would have to contact their rapidly changing environment and adapt itself ever faster to change. Clearly. But are the environments of enterprises is not enterprises too? And do enterprises not even organize the environments to which they adapt? If this would not be so for example, any kind of marketing makes no sense. So, who needs to adapt?
  • The change should also be managed. It was already a glance in the reality of companies that most of their change projects objectives are not or only partially achieved. The much-vaunted change management has its practicality is not yet proven. Maybe it is even part of the problem, what it purports to solve.
  • And the targeted remedy for the failure of Change Management are mere allegations and in its circular reasoning:
    • Resistance” is nothing other than the psychological excuse if it does not work.
    • Leadership” some arrogant self-attribution when it works.
    • Benchmark” compares the recipes from yesterday.
    • And “advice” is the disabled attempt by the management to get in control again.

Life means change. Is there not a lot of matching, to realize change simply as an expression of our joy for life? And if it goes well contributing to real improvements?

About the author:
Dr. Michael Loebbert is Coach and Management Consultant and author of the montly publication “Change Management Short Cut“.

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