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Markus von der HeidenMarkus von der Heiden HP PPM Best Practices – From an Idea to a Specification

04/21/2008 by Markus von der Heiden

Optimal preparation for development
The blog post “HP PPM Best Practices – The Key to Success” deals with the preparatory steps which are necessary to develop a solution based on HP’s BTO tool suite. These steps are a prerequisite for working out a specification. The present blog presents a best practice approach to the transfer of ideas into real specifications for development and configuration of HP PPM solutions.

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Peter HelfensteinPeter Helfenstein Business and IT – Change Impact Must Be Managed

04/17/2008 by Peter Helfenstein

Continuously growing system complexity
Nowadays, existing IT systems cover more or less the complete business processes. In most cases, strategic decisions to buy commercial software  – instead of making software – are in place. New developments of complete business systems are the exception to the rule. Against the background of this situation, a new concept of developing applications is required: It is no longer build-centric, but rather change-centric, also see item #4 in the Blog written by Niel Roberston, CTO at ALM-vendor Newmerix.

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Fritz MosonyiFritz Mosonyi Put your mind at ease even when SAP support packs roll out

04/01/2008 by Fritz Mosonyi

Typical Situation
Installing SAP support packs is always quite a challenge. Which parts of the SAP-supported business processes are really affected? What exactly should be tested? Are there any own developments affected? What is the amount of resources required for testing and interventions? These are just some of the possible questions. Unfortunately, they normally can not even be answered so that in practice, the only secure option is “to test everything”. The effort involved in that, however, would be simply impracticable.

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Dietmar WettachDietmar Wettach Only Motivated Users Make IT Projects Successful

04/01/2008 by Dietmar Wettach

The introduction of a new IT solution entails a large deal of different changes. New roles and responsibilities must be defined, supported by additional new software. An early integration of the future users is of great importance, but very often, there is not enough attention paid to it.

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