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03/04/2008 by Dieter Steiger

beteo is celebrating its first birthday! You would not believe it, but on February 21 beteo was one year old. A good reason for all friends of beteo to be happy.

We are proud to see what has been achieved in this first beteo year:
beteo has become a real company, headquartered in Sarnen, Switzerland, with offices in the Zurich Area as well as in Berlin. Today we have 15 people working for beteo in Switzerland, in Germany, in Kharkov, Ukraine, and in Hyderabad, India.

beteo is a consulting and software company which helps clients working on comprehensive software installations, foremost SAP,

With expertise and tools from partners like SAP, HP and specialized software vendors, we are involved in longterm activities supporting large customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. What do a market leader in steel industry, a popular sporting goods manufacturer, a large governmental organization, a top Swiss transportation company, the leading Swiss logistics organization and one of the largest Swiss life insurances have in common? They all improve their Application Lifecycle Management with the support of beteo!

We plan to offer our first own product by May – in the beginning mainly to support our own activities, as a complementary solution to the products used by our customers: SAP Solution Manager, HP PPM, SAP xRPM, HP Universal CMDB, HP Quality Center and TimeWinner. Later on, our product offering and expertise will be extended by specialized solutions from new beteo software partners

We are permanently broadening our experience and we love to share it with our customers, our partners and the market. In doing so, we promote best practice Application Management not only for the sake of beteo. Project Portfolio Management, Quality Management, Environment Protection and Lifecycle Management are the main disciplines addressed. Our beteo Blog and Website in English and German as well as our contributions to Wikipedia are well observed, linked and commented by the market, from analysts and our competitors alike. Gradually, our vision is becoming reality, and a global dialog on Application Lifecycle Management is in sight.

beteo is a success story. Both, our consulting as well as our software activities are highly demanded and we are continuously enlarging our teams – not only in Zurich, but in all places where our clients are in need for our support. beteo has ambitious plans, and I am looking forward to an enthusiastic update e-mail for beteo’s second birthday.

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