Marco GerussiMarco Gerussi ERP4IT – the Vision Found its Way into Wikipedia

11/08/2007 by Marco Gerussi

Enterprise Resource Planning for Information Technology (ERP for IT, ERP4IT) describes the automation of information technology (IT). Therefore ERP4IT focuses on the automated IT itself and not on the automation of business processes by IT.

IT organizations define long-term strategies, integrate them into their business models and offer adequate IT services to the business. Integrated systems that support lifecycle-oriented IT management build an ERP4IT.

Related to established ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) systems that manage the usage of critical resources, ERP4IT aims on a process-oriented solution. Unlike the classic ERP software (money, productive capital, people, stock or information) takes the information of IT a center stage for the new concept of ERP4IT. Therefore ERP4IT targets on the management of complex data structures within databases and provide them in aggregated pieces for their different stakeholders.

Because of a great demand but missing standards and applications the call for an ERP4IT solution becomes louder. Accordingly, ERP4IT found its way into Wikipedia:!

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